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CatchaBTC is the most popular Bitcoin game where there are many ways to earn Bitcoin, it is a fun and interactive platform where Bitcoin players require only 1% skill and 99% luck!

A fun and interactive platform established in ___, where gamblers can challenge both friends and foes alike! The gaming on CatchaBTC is in real-time so gamblers will enjoy watching their winnings grow in front of their eyes. Registration at CatchaBTC is simple and easy making it truly sophisticated and player-friendly.

CatchaBTC is open to all players with no restrictions, and players worldwide are able to enjoy all the thrills and spills which this platform has on offer.

Placing a bet is easy at Catcha BTC, Bitcoin gamblers can watch the multiplier rise from 1x, players will enjoy instant satisfaction but should be wary of the elusive BUST! CatchaBTC is Bitcoin-based and truly a Bitcoin gambler’s dream site, players are able to enjoy a free 2 bits every hour which can be claimed from a player’s account page.

Bitcoin Games

CatchaBTC is a thrilling and interactive gambling experience. Players can interact within the chat feature and challenge their friends and foes. The platform is sophisticated and allows players to stake with ease. Bitcoin players can watch their bets rise on the multiplier in pure thrill however, be conscious of the bust as it may surprise you at any time. There is a probability of an instant bust with this the house does not make any profit and instead it is used to fund the bonus scheme so players benefit regardless.


CatchaBTC is all about the winnings, Bitcoin players will enjoy a free 2 bits which can be claimed from their account page.

Players are also able to access the faucet and receive 200 Satoshi every hour.

The bonus on CatchaBTC is the Bonus pot, this pot is 1% of the total bets placed. The last gamblers to cashout will be awarded this pot. Players can read up further on the split for the house pot by the detailed FAQ’s provided.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits on the site are seamless, a QR code, as well as a Wallet address, are provided to deposit to the account. Bitcoin players can track the confirmation of their deposit by,

A Bitcoin players account will be credited after one confirmation. Gamblers are reminded that there are external factors in the deposit method and therefore should take these into consideration. CatachaBTC is so sophisticated that the wallet address is permanently available to the specific account and all payments will be credited to a player’s account. On average accounts will be credited in ten minutes however this may vary. At CatchaBTC there is no minimum or maximum deposit amount given at this time.

CatchaBTC withdrawals are simple and Bitcoin gamblers should have no problem understanding the process. Players can withdraw bits to a wallet of their choice simply by adding the details to their account. Withdrawals must be in increments of 100 bits. The minimum withdrawal amount is 200 bits (100 satoshis), there are withdrawal fees attached for mining. The CatchaBTC fee for withdrawals is 100 bits (approximately 0.05 US Dollars), this fee is charged regardless of the amount which is withdrawn. CatchaBTC is truly catering for players as the platform chips in toward the withdrawal fees in order to get quicker results.

Processing is seamlessly executed as on smaller withdrawals Bitcoin gamblers will immediately receive the transaction ID to follow the process of their withdrawal to the wallet of their choice, however, larger withdrawals are processed manually, this withdrawal will show as pending on the player’s account. Processing on the larger withdrawals will take between 2 – 24 hours depending on the time of withdrawal.

CatchaBTC is a Crypto-based platform and accepts Bitcoin.

Security and Support

Catcha BTC is an amazing platform to thrill all Bitcoin gamblers, the sophisticated and seamless outlay makes it easy for players of all understandings to partake. Catchabtc is 100% provably fair and the Odds calculator is provided in the FAQs for a player which wishes to make use of it.

Two-Factor authentication is also available for gamblers to ensure that their player accounts are completely secure.

CatchaBTC is available to assist Bitcoin gamblers, should a gambler require expert advice they may do so in the player account under “Support”. Bitcoin players will be able to receive prompt and friendly assistance. CatchaBTC has also provided an impressive FAQ for players which explains every aspect of the process and gaming. At times players may, unfortunately, disconnect in this instance CatchaBTC has created an auto-cashout feature and suggest that players make use of it, this means that should a player be disconnected they will then be cashed out automatically should the round still be in play.


CatchaBTC is an amazing platform specifically created for the enjoyment of Bitcoin gamblers. The thrill and pure excitement of the platform are second to none! CatchaBTC is at the forefront of Bitcoin gambling. The platform is set up in a thrilling and yet crisp manner so players will not be overwhelmed. The simplicity and efficiency of CatchaBTC are what Bitcoin player dreams are made of.

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