A fair warning to all gamblers out there, from many sources i got the confirmation is a scam.

The owner was an old member of bitlser team, he was fired for fishy stuff, he stole the old code from bitsler and opened gigabet.

He opened gigabet just with the purpose to steal your crypto, nothing is fair there.

PS : this is not a hate post, after many , many members complained about the fairness of giga, i got official confirmation from one of bitsler officials that giga is using a stolen code from bitsler with the purpose to scam its members !

Stay safe gamblers and good luck !


  1. i just saw how they stole coin from balance – they just do it sneaky! when reported this, admin threatened to ban me, and mod chatbanned me from warning other player!

  2. Many gamer sources have confirmed to me that is not a scam. Can we get yours? Many gambling sites use the same fairness system (in php in their case) and jquery for the interface. Rolls are verifiable just like any other site.

    1. I have talked with one of Bitsler admins, who confirmed , the owner of GigaBet stole an old code of theirs after he was fired for fishy stuff

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